Why our Black Tiger Prawns?


Black Tiger prawns have distinctive black stripes that have earned them their name. Their meat is firm, sweet and flavourful, similar to lobster - they are great for grilling and for use in curries.


Our Black Tiger prawns is top of the list of being most sustainably sourced.


They are grown in their natural habitat, raised without feed or chemicals.


Free of antibiotics and free of preservatives.


Healthy mangrove forests are the key to our small environmental footprint and excellent quality. Our program creates direct incentives for farmers to keep mangrove forests intact!


Prawn feed commonly uses ingredients that have been genetically modified. Since feed is never used by our farmers, you can be sure that our black tiger prawns are 100% GMO free.

Partnering with small-scale farmers is a win-win. Our farmers are attentive ambassadors of the mangrove forests and ensure healthy and happy prawns. In return, the farmers receive better payment for the high quality and sustainably farmed prawns.

The program works with more than 3‘000 small-scale farmers in the south of Vietnam. The income from the prawns is the most important source of revenues and enables the farmers and their families to earn a fair income and have improved livelihoods.


Conventional prawn farming negatively impacts the environment and may be associated with human rights abuses.

The program works in harmony with the environment and creates equal benefits for small-scale farmers and their families.

We have a wide range of sizes available from the GIANT Prawn to the King Prawn.