Falkland's Calamari Tubes & Tentacles



Our Falkland's Calamari Tubes & Tentacles are caught in the icy cold waters off the Falkland Islands.


These baby tubes are usually enjoyed at fine dining restaurants and seldomly available to purchase for home use. They are also known as Patagonica or Patagonian Tubes.


Sought after for being naturally tender, they are never chemically treated.


We import them directly so that you can enjoy them more regularly at an affordable price. 


Our Falkland's Calamari Tubes & Tentacles are packed in 900g retail packs. Each pack consists of about 70% tubes and 30% tentacles. 


They require a very short cooking time of 3 to 6 min on high heat. Be careful not to overcook them!

Health Benefits of Eating Calamari



A nutritious meal- Calamari is a mollusc belonging to the shellfish family.

It is high in protein, minerals and low in calories. This makes calamari a highly nutritious meal.


Low in calories - Calamari is great for those who want to up their protein intake without compromising on their calorific goals. A 100gm serving of calamari only has 75kcal - 85kcl of calories. .But fans of batter-fried calamari rings don t be fooled; the calorific value might go up if you deep fry it.

A good source of protein - A 100gm serving of calamari also has a good amount, approximately 15.5gm 16. 1gm, of protein.

No carbs! - How great is that? All you carb-fearing protein junkies and those on a keto diet can include calamari in your diet because it has no carbohydrates.


Good source of vitamin B 12 and B6 - Your body needs B 12 for neural health and blood health and vitamin B6 for protecting your heart from strokes. This gives you a good reason to eat calamari since it abounds in both these nutrients.


Selenium and Vitamin E - Calamari has good amounts of selenium and Vitamin E. Selenium, which is present in a minute quantity in the body, works with vitamin E in the promotion of normal body growth and fertility. As an anti-oxidant it is believed to play a role in the fight against cancer and can help to inhibit the growth of tumours.

No cholesterol worries - As most shellfish, calamari also has high amounts of dietary cholesterol. But that shouldn't t keep you from eating it. It is very low in fat, and the cholesterol is poorly absorbed from it. Moreover, several studies have shown that eating shellfish tends to lower, not raise, blood cholesterol levels, she says.



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